20th Last Seed

I began my travel to Vivec this morning. I took the entire day and a few hours of night to reach the city, and had quite an exciting encounter along the way. About forty-five minutes after the sun set, I came across a Dunmer on the roadside, wearing a rather fancy suit under a bonemold cuirass. He greeted me, introducing himself as Nels Llendo. He was surprised that I didn’t know his name, and tried to assure me that he’s not the bloodthirsty brigand everyone else would say he is. He made an offer: “You give me, say, fifty drakes,” he said, “and you will be allowed to continue on your journey safely.”

Naturally, I was not going to simply hand over my cash. Despite having said that he didn’t want to get my blood on his shirt, the bandit drew his sword and attacked. Luckily enough, I happened to know a healing spell, and I was just able to win the fight – but not by much. I was fatigued, cut, and bruised, but alive. Also, I was wealthier by 100 septims, and had acquired a new cuirass and an enchanted sword. I left the bandit in a bush off the road and continued on my way to Vivec.

Upon arriving, I was truly impressed by the sight of the city. Each building was larger than some entire villages, housing dozens of businesses and homMGE Screenshot 017.pnges. Unfortunately, this causes the city to be maze-like at times, with every corridor looking rather the same as each other. Eventually, I found my way to a cornerclub which had beds for rent, and got some rest.


19th Last Seed

The sun came up just as I was arriving in Ald’ruhn, and the wind was picking up considerably. It’s one of – if not the – largest Redoran settlements on Vvardenfell, and the buildings are largely underground, with just a small entryway on the surface. The uniqueness about Ald’ruhn, however, is not in the subterranean housing and businesses, as that is typical of Redoran settlements, but rather in the Manor District. The Manor District is entirely within the hollowed shell of an ancient Emperor Crab known as Skar.

After a bit of asking around, I found Bivale Teneran in her shop under Skar and delivered the clothes. She payed me not with coin, but with an enchanted belt of Iron Will. As I began to leave, she stopped me and asked if I had time to do another favour for her. I said I certainly could, assuming it wasn’t too demanding a task, and she explained: A man named Ienas Sarandas, here in Ald’ruhn, purchased some clothing to be paid for in two installments, the latter of which was overdue. I was asked to retrieve either the clothes Ienas had purchased, or the payment of three-hundred and sixty drakes. First, however, I decided to drop by the tavern for a bit of a rest.

I confronted Mr. Sarandas in as polite a manner as I could, and he went on about how his poor judgment had left him in quite a bit of debt, and gave me several unpaid-for items to return to vendors about the city. They were as follows:

  • A brocade shirt & silk pants for Bivale Teneran
  • a racer suede belt for Tiras Sadus
  • two rings for Daynes Redothril
  • designer shoes for Llether Vari
  • a firejade amulet for Bevene Releth.

I began to go about returning all these items to their respective owners. By that time, the wind had started to carry a storm of dust through the city, from Red Mountain, which made it a bit difficult to read signs outside of stores, and caused me to take longer than I normally would have. Aside from that, however, I managed to deliver everything with no further issue, and all the merchants paid me for my time. I purchased a few items from around the city before taking a silt strider back to Balmora. I completed my set of chitin armour, and acquired a new robe and a couple books – one by Hardin the Herbalist, detailing various flora, and also The Ruins of Kemel-Ze, which accounts an expedition into an ancient Dwemer ruin.

I’ve arrived in Balmora just after sundown, and I plan to set off for Vivec City in the morning.

17th through 18th Last Seed

Upon waking up, I asked the publican of the Cornerclub about Caius Cosades. He directed me to Cosades’ residence – a bit of a shitshack, to be honest. I gave Caius the parcel, and he inducted me straight into the Blades, a vaguely-named-and-therefore-pretentious outfit of secret agents who faff about with spy business all day. Caius is the local Spymaster, and he’s asked that I follow any of his orders and obey his rules, which are as follows:
-Don’t steal from the Blades.
-Don’t kill anyone from the Blades.
-Try not to be a prick.

Before assigning me to any real task, the Spymaster dismissively told me to go out there and become less shit at a fighting. Clearly he has less interest in me as an employee than a concussed mudcrab would have in, oh I don’t know, counting the precise number of semicolons that appear in the collected works of Hardin the Herbalist.

I wandered around Balmora taking a look at all the local businesses for a while, and I overheard someone mention Hla Oad. I decided to go there for no other reason than I haven’t been there before. So, off I went.

Along the way, I met a Dunmer woman who stopped me to ask for my help finding her way somewhere. I agreed to help, and took a considerable detour to the Fields of Kummu before heading back. Nothing of much note happened, but this took the rest of the day and also the next.

Night of 18th Last Seed

I arrived just before the sun went down, and realised that there’s nothing worth seeing in Hla Oad. Don’t even bother going there, really. It’s a shitty collection of shitty huts in a shitty swamp. The only thing of merit in the village is that you can hire a boat to take you the hell out of there. So, a few hours of boating later, I found myself in Gnaar Mok, a village which could be described by taking an existing description of Hla Oad and changing nothing but the latitude.

Oh, also Gnaar Mok seems to have a considerable Thieves’ Guild presence, but I doubt anyone will ever want to deal with them, when there’s already a different mob which has established itself much more firmly in Vvardenfell. I quickly moved on towards Ald’ruhn, and the scenery shifted from lush swamps teeming with life, to burnt rock and no vegetation, save for what had been turned to charcoal years ago. In the transitional area where there was still some trace of life, I met an Argonian, whose name I don’t recall, in need of aid. He had promised to deliver some shirts to a clothier in Ald’ruhn, but had another matter elsewhere which demanded his attention. He entrusted me with completing the delivery to the clothier. The rest of the night was spent walking to Ald’ruhn.

16th Last Seed

I arrived in the small port town of Seyda Neen. It seems like a nice enough place, but there’s not much to see, and I don’t think they even have an inn. Upon my arrival, an Imperial legionnaire gave me a parcel of documents and instructed me – by order of the Emperor himself, apparently – to deliver it to a man in Balmora named Caius Cosades. He said that I should go to the South Wall Cornerclub and ask for him; someone there will know where to find him.

After leaving the census & excise office, I was approached by a Bosmer in a green shirt going by the name of Fargoth, who asked me if I’d seen an engraved ring of healing. He was certain that the Imperials had stolen it from him. As it happened, I had found that ring and picked it up just a few minutes earlier. I returned it to Fargoth, who was absolutely overjoyed to have it back, and he made a point of telling his friend Arrille, the owner of the local tradehouse. I stopped by Arrille’s establishment a short while after, and purchased a bit of armour and a cheap sword, along with a cloak in case it rained. After that, I got on the road to Balmora.

A short while after passing Fort Pelagiad and the surrounding village, I happened upon a young Breton lass who introduced herself as Maurrie. She was in a spot of bother, having been recently bethieved by some ruddy bandit. However, upon further explanation it became evident that she was not terribly concerned with the whereabouts of her jewels, but rather the location of the thief thereof. As bally well insane as it is, she fancies the chap who stole all her valuables. Never before have I heard of a robber being kind and polite about there business…

She was fairly sure that the robber, going by the name of Nelos, was in or near Pelagiad, and asked me to find him. I figured there’d be little harm in helping her out, so I agreed to find Nelos. Before I went in search of him, Maurrie gave me her left glove to give to Nelos as a token of affection.

So, off I went to Pelagiad. A few quick inquiries later, I’d found Nelos, who, to my surprise, actually seemed like a decent bloke. Also to my surprise, he seemed to actually care – at least a little. He jotted down a note, and asked me to give it to Maurrie. So I did just that. Maurrie was rather chuffed with it, and suggested before we carried on our separate ways that I look up her friend Emusette Bracques in Tel Aruhn, saying that she thinks I’d get along well with her.

I arrived in Balmora just after sunset and made my way to the South Wall Cornerclub. First order of business is to rent a room and get some sleep.