16th Last Seed

I arrived in the small port town of Seyda Neen. It seems like a nice enough place, but there’s not much to see, and I don’t think they even have an inn. Upon my arrival, an Imperial legionnaire gave me a parcel of documents and instructed me – by order of the Emperor himself, apparently – to deliver it to a man in Balmora named Caius Cosades. He said that I should go to the South Wall Cornerclub and ask for him; someone there will know where to find him.

After leaving the census & excise office, I was approached by a Bosmer in a green shirt going by the name of Fargoth, who asked me if I’d seen an engraved ring of healing. He was certain that the Imperials had stolen it from him. As it happened, I had found that ring and picked it up just a few minutes earlier. I returned it to Fargoth, who was absolutely overjoyed to have it back, and he made a point of telling his friend Arrille, the owner of the local tradehouse. I stopped by Arrille’s establishment a short while after, and purchased a bit of armour and a cheap sword, along with a cloak in case it rained. After that, I got on the road to Balmora.

A short while after passing Fort Pelagiad and the surrounding village, I happened upon a young Breton lass who introduced herself as Maurrie. She was in a spot of bother, having been recently bethieved by some ruddy bandit. However, upon further explanation it became evident that she was not terribly concerned with the whereabouts of her jewels, but rather the location of the thief thereof. As bally well insane as it is, she fancies the chap who stole all her valuables. Never before have I heard of a robber being kind and polite about there business…

She was fairly sure that the robber, going by the name of Nelos, was in or near Pelagiad, and asked me to find him. I figured there’d be little harm in helping her out, so I agreed to find Nelos. Before I went in search of him, Maurrie gave me her left glove to give to Nelos as a token of affection.

So, off I went to Pelagiad. A few quick inquiries later, I’d found Nelos, who, to my surprise, actually seemed like a decent bloke. Also to my surprise, he seemed to actually care – at least a little. He jotted down a note, and asked me to give it to Maurrie. So I did just that. Maurrie was rather chuffed with it, and suggested before we carried on our separate ways that I look up her friend Emusette Bracques in Tel Aruhn, saying that she thinks I’d get along well with her.

I arrived in Balmora just after sunset and made my way to the South Wall Cornerclub. First order of business is to rent a room and get some sleep.


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