20th Last Seed

I began my travel to Vivec this morning. I took the entire day and a few hours of night to reach the city, and had quite an exciting encounter along the way. About forty-five minutes after the sun set, I came across a Dunmer on the roadside, wearing a rather fancy suit under a bonemold cuirass. He greeted me, introducing himself as Nels Llendo. He was surprised that I didn’t know his name, and tried to assure me that he’s not the bloodthirsty brigand everyone else would say he is. He made an offer: “You give me, say, fifty drakes,” he said, “and you will be allowed to continue on your journey safely.”

Naturally, I was not going to simply hand over my cash. Despite having said that he didn’t want to get my blood on his shirt, the bandit drew his sword and attacked. Luckily enough, I happened to know a healing spell, and I was just able to win the fight – but not by much. I was fatigued, cut, and bruised, but alive. Also, I was wealthier by 100 septims, and had acquired a new cuirass and an enchanted sword. I left the bandit in a bush off the road and continued on my way to Vivec.

Upon arriving, I was truly impressed by the sight of the city. Each building was larger than some entire villages, housing dozens of businesses and homMGE Screenshot 017.pnges. Unfortunately, this causes the city to be maze-like at times, with every corridor looking rather the same as each other. Eventually, I found my way to a cornerclub which had beds for rent, and got some rest.


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