The Hungry Cat

I like to say that I think before I act
But just the other day, on a frivolous whim, I went and adopted a cat.

I’m perturbed by this feline
He’s peculiarly hungry

He’s not a housecat at all; he’s a lion
He’s trying to eat me, send help!


Put me in charge.

I wanna be a great world leader;
Don’t want the people to have anything to fear.
Those at the top seem downright evil,
So let’s complain and be sure they hear!
It sometimes seems that
When they achieve their dreams,
The utmost stupidity is demonstrated:
Sense and reason defenestrated.
Poorly thought-out decisions,
Bipartisan divisions.
All of these are signs
We’re in for bad times.
I wanna be a great world leader,
So that I can be a teacher
For those that follow in my stead,
So our grandkids don’t grow up to be dead.
So put me in charge, I promise I can fix it
Put me in charge, I know what I’m doing, I swear
Put me in charge, don’t you believe me?
Just to prove my point, I’ll rig the elections.