A Letter of Complaint

Jeþarïlle, Theistic Governor of Natural Order
Office of Theistic Sub-Executors
Feb. 11, 472 β
Consult The Holy Book of Theistic Bureaucracy for contact address

Mr. Edward Alistaire
Chief Executive Officer
Alistaire & Co. Industrial Magic Provisions
1 Alistaire Lane
Eymið, Hovbyr

Dear Mr. Alistaire:

It has come to our attention that your company, Alistaire & Co. Industrial Magic Provisions, has engaged in destructive behaviour such as to knowingly perturb, befuddle, and confound the natural order of things, and the Minister of Natural Infrastructure has complained that your endeavours to extract magical resources from the very ground are disturbing, vandalous, and unapproved.

It is by no means our intent to disrupt your enjoyment of mortal frivolity, but we must ask you to kindly refrain from such acts as clearcutting, damming, and quarrying without first requesting AND OBTAINING permission from the Ministry of Natural Infrastructure. Please note that our rules do not only prohibit the three aforementioned disturbances, and that the full list of prohibited activities can be found in our publication The Holy Book of Guidelines and Prohibitions, a copy of which is mandated by theistic law to be held in your local library, to be accessed FREE OF CHARGE.

For assistance in requesting permissions or other theistic services, contact our client support staff by carrying out the ritual described in Chapter IV of The Holy Book of Theistic Bureaucracy under the subtitle “Disambiguation and Other Inquiry” and support staff will respond within 14 (fourteen) business days.


Jeþarïlle, Theistic Governor of Natural Order